At the end of each annual event, we give our sincere thanks to all those who have participated. This year our level of gratitude has reached new heights. Knowing the many challenges each and every member of our community has faced in 2020, our mission took on a greater purpose than ever. Finding a balance between throwing a massive party and following current public safety mandates was a daunting task. We persevered for the sake of all those who were ready to get out, ride, watch some great live music and try to forget about all of this year’s stress and tragedy for a few days. The 500 or so people who worked to create this temporary biker town, want to thank you for helping them get their first paychecks in seven months.

There is a silver lining in having to reschedule this year’s event… Arizona Bike Week 2021 is just six months away and it’s our 25th Anniversary!!

Stay tuned for some big upcoming announcements.