Thursday, April 7th at 6:30 PM in the RockYard

The Rev has been described as what would happen if Nashville hitched a ride to the west coast and went surfing. 

Americana roots, elements of outlaw swamp, Brian Wilson inspired harmonies, and southern rock guitar stylings, all within an indie vibe.

The name, The Rev, says it all . . . short for "The Revival". A rare blend of songwriting and playing being brought back to life in a fresh context.

Thursday, April 7th at 9:00 PM in the RockYard

Here’s how you know you’ve made it in the music business: You’ve stayed strong for three decades on your own terms, on your own time, by your own rules, and over that time your influence has only grown. Each of your albums has been stronger than your last. You’ve been brought onstage by Bruce Springsteen, because he wanted to play one of your songs. You’ve seen high times and low ones, good days and tragic days, but every night you give 100%, and every morning you wake up still swinging.

The long version of Social Distortion's bio could be a ten-part mini-series, but over the past 30 years, the punk godfathers in the band have all but trademarked their sound, a brand of hard rockabilly/punk that's cut with the melodic, road-tested lyrics of frontman Mike Ness. Their searing guitars and a locomotive rhythm section sound as alive today as they did in '82, as do Ness' hard-luck tales of love, loss and lessons learned.

Friday, April 8th at 6:30 PM in the RockYard

Industrial Metal band Soundmankillz from Phoenix, Arizona has brought their high energy performance to stages regionally since 2013. Driven by heavy guitar, the sound is aggressive, electric, mechanical, energetic, & rhythmic.  They have appeared with Buckcherry, Stabbing Westward, Tommy Vext, & Butcher Babies just to name of few. The band consists of veteran musicians; Eddie Lopez - lead vocals, Jeremy Baca - bass, Jared Bakin - lead guitar, & Dan Johnson - drums. Dan Johnson is the former drummer of both National Bands “Red,” and “Love and Death.”

Friday, April 8th at 9:00 PM in the RockYard

One of the most acclaimed figures in the genre of heavy metal, Rob Zombie co-founded and fronted the Grammy Award nominated band, White Zombie. This heavy metal superstar is known for his obsession with horror films and often finds inspiration in them for his music. After the band, White Zombie released a few albums and EPs, it eventually dissolved and Rob began to pursue a solo career. He now has twenty three albums in his catalog.

At the height of his music career, Zombie ventured into an equally prolific career in the film industry. To date he has written and/or directed ten full length films, including the soon to be released Munsters movie. He has also acted in a series of films. He draws and designs his logos and album covers. He does voiceover work and soundtracks. It seems there just isn’t anything Rob can’t do and he does it all with a unique flair for the macabre.   

We can’t wait to unleash this beast on The RockYard stage!

Saturday, April 9th at 6:30 PM in the RockYard

Blood, sweat, and guts. These are three of the core elements required of artists who set out to make music that’s steadfast, honest, and true. Shayne and his band of road-dog brethren are more than the sum of what would happen if ZZ Top and Lynyrd Skynyrd dove headfirst into a Cuisinart together without missing a beat. “For the latest EP Ten High, we wanted that old-school, AC/DC, Highway to Hell kinda sound, so we stripped away some of the production layers to see what that would sound like,” Shayne reports. “And what came out was music that’s as raw and as human as possible. Come catch the show and let us get your blood flowing!

Saturday, April 9th at 9:00 PM in the RockYard

Having survived enough tragedy and just plain hard miles for 10 bands, Skynyrd is, remarkably at this stage of their career, on a roll. God & Guns debuted at #18 on the Billboard Top 200, giving the band their highest debut since 1977. 

Their latest album Last Of A Dyin’ Breed  re-ignites the in-studio alchemy the band found with Guns producer Bob Marlette, and the sound is traditional Skynyrd blended to perfection with the edge of immediacy. In short, it’s rock ‘n roll for the times.

Led by core members Gary Rossington (guitar), Johnny Van Zant (vocals) and Rickey Medlock (guitar), Skynyrd has recorded an album that continues to build on the legacy that began over 35 years ago in Jacksonville, Florida. Joining them in the studio and on the road are new bassist Johnny Colt (Black Crowes, Train) guitarist Mark “Sparky” Matejka (a “Nashville cat, just a pickin’ fool,” according to Rossington), and keyboardist Peter Keys, who replaced Powell on the God & Guns tour.

In a tragic tale oft-told, the Skynyrd story could have ended in a Mississippi swamp with the 1977 plane crash that killed three band members, including Ronnie Van Zant and Steve Gaines. Since then, the band has lost vital players in Billy Powell, Ean Evans, Allen Collins, Leon Wilkeson and Hughie Thomasson, yet here they are again with a hard-rocking, stirring album that can sit proudly alongside any recording that bears the Skynyrd name. The breed may be nearing extinction but Skynyrd is very much alive and ready to throw down.

We couldn't be more thrilled to have this legendary band making a stop at ABW on their "Big Wheels Keep on Turnin' Tour":