Arizona Bike Week Facility Use

Arizona Bike Week, The City of Scottsdale and WestWorld management shall enforce the following rules and regulations. These rules and regulations are to be observed by all users of the WestWorld facilities.

General Rules

RV and tent camping guests are required to register with Arizona Bike Week.  No tent camping in RV areas.

The facilities shall be utilized at user's own risk. Arizona Bike Week, WestWorld, and The City of Scottsdale are not responsible for any personal injury or personal property damage on or going to or from the premises.

Arizona Bike Week, WestWorld, and The City of Scottsdale shall not be liable for lost, stolen or damaged personal property. Unclaimed property will be disposed of, as necessary. Other personal property or belongings left at WestWorld, if unclaimed after ninety (90) days, will become the sole property of Arizona Bike Week.

User will be responsible for any and all damage to the facilities and all portions thereof, excluding normal wear and tear. Arizona Bike Week, WestWorld, and The City of Scottsdale reserve the right to repair damage and to invoice user for cost of such repair.

Any accident, regardless of nature, is to be immediately reported to Arizona Bike Week management.

Sales and distribution of food and beverage or other commercial activities are not allowed without the express written consent of Arizona Bike Week and the completion of written contractual agreements.

Any unauthorized use of facilities and/or utilities is prohibited.

Open cooking or campfires are prohibited. Contained gas or charcoal outdoor cooking devices are acceptable.

Disposal of trash or solid waste materials is allowed in designated areas or receptacles only.

Firearms are not allowed.

Fireworks or explosives cannot be brought onto WestWorld property.

Pets are to be kept on leashes at all times.

No amplified music after 11:00pm daily.

Overnight parking is not allowed, except in RV or other specifically designated areas, you must have a reservation to camp on premises.

Area traffic and parking signs are to be observed at all times, including posted speed limits. The posted speed limit on the main access road is 25 mph. All other roads are posted at 15 mph.

Designated fire lanes are to be kept clear at all times. Vehicles in unauthorized areas will be towed at owner's expense.

WestWorld visitors and facility users may not post or exhibit any printed material such as posters, signs or advertisements without prior written approval by Arizona Bike Week management.

Arizona Bike Week management reserves the right to evict from the property anyone displaying inappropriate behavior, drunkenness, disobeying the Rules & Regulations, or creating excessive noise or disturbance.

Facility users and visitors must comply with all environmental laws, rules and regulations.

Golf carts are allowed only in the camping areas.  No carts or other personal vehicles will be permitted in the gated event areas

Each campsite includes one vehicle parking pass. Additional vehicles will be required to pay WestWorld’s parking fee of $5 per day.  Motorcycles do not require a pass to park at WestWorld.

Arizona Bike Week, WestWorld, and The City of Scottsdale reserves the right to use the name, image, photograph, likeness or any other reproduction, taken or acquired, of any visitor or facility user, for publicity purposes of Arizona Bike Week, WestWorld, and The City of Scottsdale without notifying or compensating individuals therein.

Cancellation Policy

If you register and pay for a tent or RV space but later discover you are unable to make the event, ABW® will issue a refund, less a 5% processing charge, if you notify our office in writing no later than March 9th, 2016. If we receive your written cancellation after March 9th, 50% of your total fees will be refunded. No refunds will be issued for cancellations received after March 31st, 2016.

I have read and agree to the terms conditions and regulations above.