Safety Helmet: Required by law under age 18
Eye Protection: Required by law unless equipped with windscreen
Passenger Age: No Restrictions
Helmet Speakers: No Restrictions
Mirrors: One required by law
Headlight: Modulating headlight permitted
Turn Signals: Not Required
Handlebars: Handlebars such that the hands of the operator are not above the operator's shoulder height when the operator is sitting astride the seat and the operator's hands are on the handlebar grips.
Muffler: Muffler required; no cutout, bypass or similar device (28-955.01, Motorcycles; noise level equipment; unauthorized equipment).
Noise Restrictions: Maximum allowable A-weighted sound levels based on measurements taken at a distance of 50 ft from center lane of travel (R17-4-61. Motorcycle Noise Limits): Model Year/<=35mph/35-45mph/>45mph: Before 1972/84dba/88dba/88dba; 1972-1980/79dba/82dba/86dba; After 1980/76dba/80dba/83dba
Riding Two Abreast in Lane: Driving motorcycles and motor-driven cycles on roadways laned for traffic (a) Motorcycles and motor-driven cycles may be driven upon a lane of a roadway, and no motor vehicle may be driven so as to deprive a motorcycle or motor-driven cycle of the full use of a lane. This provision does not apply to motorcycles or motor-driven cycles driven two abreast in a single lane by consent of both drivers; however, no motorcycles or motor-driven cycles may be driven more than two abreast in a single lane.
Lane Splitting: The operator of a motorcycle shall not overtake and pass in the same lane occupied by the vehicle being overtaken. C. A person shall not operate a motorcycle between the lanes of traffic or between adjacent rows of vehicles.
Insurance: Compulsory Liability (Minimum Limits)(15/30/10)